Stray Kids share what they learned from BtoB during their stint on ‘Kingdom’

"I thought, ‘Performance isn’t everything’, and was able to broaden my thoughts”

South Korean boyband Stray Kids have opened up about their win on Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War.

The JYP Entertainment group recently emerged as winners of Mnet’s reality TV competition Kingdom: Legendary War, where they competed against fellow K-pop boybands BtoB, ATEEZ, iKON, The Boyz and SF9. The group had an eventful run on the show, and even caught the attention of Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds with a Deadpool-inspired performance.

In a recent interview with SPOTV News, the group’s leader Bang Chan shared his thoughts about the win. “We worked hard to show good performances on Kingdom but we want to thank many people, especially STAY (the name of their fan club), after receiving such a positive result in our win,” he said.


“We believe this is a trophy given to us so that we work harder. In the future, we will stay humble and show a good image,” Bang Chan added, as translated by Soompi.

During the interview, Stray Kids also spoke about how they looked up to BTOB and how they learned from the veteran group. “I felt a lot while personally watching the senior group that I like the most and have always thought were really cool,” said Changbin. “Not just their performances, but I want to emulate their consistent passion for music and performing, as well as the proficiency they have as singers.”

“I’m the type to pay a lot of attention to the performance aspect on stage. After watching BTOB’s performances, I thought, ‘Performance isn’t everything’, and was able to broaden my thoughts,” Felix also added.

Stray Kids also talked about getting noticed by Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. “To be honest, I still can’t believe it,” said Bang Chan, who is a fan of the actor. “We’re patiently awaiting the ‘Deadpool’ mask that Ryan Reynolds promised he would send. After we receive it, I plan to upload a photo with it!”

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