Watch Stray Kids’ fiery music video for ‘Topline’ with Tiger JK

A cut from their new album, '5-Star'

K-pop boyband Stray Kids have released the music video for ‘Topline’, from their latest album ‘5-Star’.

In the new music video, Stray Kids and featured artist Tiger JK perform the high-octane song in a warehouse atop shopping containers, as money falls from the sky.

“On the top line, we swing to the beat show / Ha, hotline, hot, hot, we about to blow, top line / We can see the world under our feet, we’re the top line / Your neck must be stiff from only looking up,” they rap.


‘5-Star’ includes a total of 12 songs, including the single ’S-Class’. The record also features their August 2022 track ‘Mixtape: Time Out’, as well as a Korean version of their Japanese single ‘The Sound’, plus ‘Get Lit’ and ‘DLC’.

‘5-Star’ is Stray Kids’ first domestic release in over seven months, following their mini-album ‘Maxident’ in October 2022, as well as their first studio album since 2021’s ‘NOEASY’.

The record has since become Stray Kids’ third consecutive Billboard 200 Number One, following their two 2022 releases, ‘Maxident’ and ‘Oddinary’.

In other K-pop news, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) are set to collaborate with the Jonas Brothers on a brand-new single called ‘Do It Like That’. The song is set to be released in July. Hear a preview of the song here.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon has opened up about his much-anticipated comeback as a musician. “As it’s been a long time since I’ve promoted as singer G-Dragon, I’m working [on the album] with a fun and excited heart,” he recently said in an interview with Elle Koreai.

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