Midge Ure says Franz, Snow Patrol and Mike Skinner on the hit list for the biggest charity single in years…

MIDGE URE has spoken out about the new BAND AID 3 record – and he’s told NME.COM that the record could be followed by a second LIVE AID concert.

The third all-star version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ will be recorded in the next two weeks by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich to raise money for the world’s poorest people, and to mark the 20th anniversary of the original Band Aid.

While Jamelia, Beverley Knight and Keane are all on board to give the single mainstream appeal, Band Aid founder and songwriter Ure is determined that Band Aid 3 will be a credible piece of music rather than a bubblegum affair like the Stock Aitken and Waterman-produced Band Aid 2.


Ure told NME.COM: “I want the cutting edge artists of the day, I want to see Snow Patrol down there, I want to see Franz Ferdinand down there, I want to see all the stuff that I like listening to. And Streets obviously, being a bunch of Glasgow boys, I’d like to get them on board. I was after Goldie Lookin Chain as well. We’ve seemingly been approached and shied away from that kind of thing but we’re going back in again because it all adds huge strength to the entire project. Streets and Goldie Lookin Chain together, that could be fun.”

Newspaper reports last week claimed that old enemies Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn would unite for the charity record, but a spokesperson for the band said that while Noel would lend his support if he could, he will be in Los Angeles recording the new Oasis album. Blur’s camp could not confirm or deny reports that Damon would appear as his Gorillaz alter-ego.

Meanwhile, a Franz Ferdinand source told NME.COM: “If they’re looking at contemporary acts, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be asked. They’ve done a lot of charity work before and I think from a humanitarian point of view they’d definitely be interested in participating. They’ve sold a million records this year.”

Ure also revealed that he is hoping to bring back one very important player from the original single to reprise his historic line.

He said: “Right now the main thing is everybody wants to sing Bono’s line, ‘Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you’, because he made it such a pivotal moment in the song. I’m not sure if there’s anybody around who can do that line and do it as well, so it might be interesting to get him back from the old school as it were and do it again.”

Band Aid 3 will be recorded in London and is scheduled for either November 7 or 14. Godrich will produce the song with Ure and Geldof – who wrote ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ on hand as consultants. While it has been widely reported that the money from the record will go specifically to the Sudan, Ure says that funds will be distributed around projects all over the developing world.


The idea came about to re-record ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ 20 years on after news broke that the full Live Aid concert would be released on DVD and video for the first time ever. Sun columnist Dominic Mohan approached Ure and co-trustee Bob Geldof to suggest making a new version. With Geldof in Africa, Ure set about assembling a new cast and when Chris Martin and Fran Healy showed interest, Band Aid 3 was officially on.

Ure continued: “I was saying to Fran the other day ‘It’s not the best song in the world but it did its job’ and he said ‘No no no no no no, it’s a great song’. He was a kid when the thing came out, so to get the nod of respect for somebody like that is fantastic. I can see Chris Martin opening the song, just him on piano doing a very kind of Coldplay intro, we’ve got [/a] on board, I can see them doing the Thin Lizzy style guitar bit at the end, all that stuff will just be great fun and that’s what it’s got to be. It’s not meant to be a replication of the original, the original one is fine. It’s part of history.”

A successful and credible Band Aid 3 could pave the way for sequel to Live Aid – the biggest concert ever in history, where acts including Queen, Elton John , [a], Status Quo and Madonna performed, lasting 16 hours and reaching and worldwide audience. When asked if another Live Aid was in the offing, Ure could only say: “I’ve no idea, I like to think the world’s a big enough place to stage huge events like that but the fact is, in 20 years nobody has. It’s still the biggest concert in the world and it’s still the biggest music event in the world. It’s a bit like trying to get the Beatles back together again, there was a chance that it was gonna be absolutely fantastic – they’re all alive, you get them back together again, you go to the concert and you’re blown away by how brilliant they are, but there’s equally a chance you could have been crap. So why not go back, you call it Live Aid 2, you end up putting most of the same artists on – U2, Elton John, Eric Clapton -mix it in with some of the newer guys and you’ve basically got the same concert replicated.”