There are tabloid claims Mike Skinner’s single is similar to an obscure song written last year…

A man has claimed parts of Streets’ ’DRY YOUR EYES’ are similar to an obscure track he released last year.

Michael Gagliano claims in an interview with The Sun newspaper that the score from Mike Skinner’s new single is similar to his own ’Yesterday And Today Pt1’, released under the name Epic last year.

Gagliano currently earns his living in a Beatles tribute band.


He claimed: “I’m not taking legal action yet but I’ve signed a publishing deal with US label Rainbow and will be looking into the question of getting royalties from Streets. To be honest, the money isn’t an issue for me, I got into this game for the women. I would be happy if Streets would give me the acknowledgment I deserve and credit me on the sleevenotes for the record.”

A UK spokesperson for Skinner is currently unavailable for comment.

’Dry Your Eyes’ is released today (July 19).

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