Mike Skinner also reveals he nearly broke his back filming the video for his new single...

MIKE SKINNER has revealed how the new album by Streets accidentally turned into a concept album and how he nearly broke his back filming the video for his next single.

The Streets ‘ forthcoming album, ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’, follows the singer on a journey that starts with him losing £1,000 and falling for a girl called Simone, and ends with him philosophically reflecting on his lifestyle and friends.

But Skinner claims the 11 songs on the album developed naturally into a continuous narrative.


“I kinda think that happened while I was recording it. I’ve always wanted each song to say something specific but I also like it when songs refer to other tracks. Tracks talking to each other y’know?” he told XFM, adding: “Then it ended up as this bloody concept album. I hate the word ‘concept’ though. Makes me think of Spinal Tap.”

The singer went onto dismiss tabloid reports that the follow-up to Original Pirate Material is based on his real-life relationships.

“Contrary to what the tabloids said last week, my songs have no relevance to my real life. If I was to have a really big argument with my girlfriend, I wouldn’t be so stupid to put it in a song would I?” he asked.

‘Fit But You Know It’, released on April 26, is the first single to be taken from the album. But the filming for the Club 18-30 style video saw the star nearly cripple himself.

“We were filming round a swimming pool and I was showing off…the director asked me to do my shot so I ran over but the tiles were really wet. So I slip right over and land on my back, cracking it and winding myself really badly so I couldn’t move,” Skinner remembers, adding: “The whole film crew were terrified; they were all looking there like ‘Ahh! We’re gonna have to go home without a video!'”.

‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’ is due for release on May 10. See next week’s issue of NME – on sale nationwide in the UK on March 31 – for an exclusive track-by-track guide to the album.