Shaun Kelly claims he helped pen some of Mike Skinner's biggest hits...


could face a legal battle after former songwriting friend SHAUN KELLY claimed he helped pen some of the band’s hits.

Frontman Mike Skinner, who is nominated for four Brit Awards, is accused of “borrowing” lyrics used in tracks such as debut single ‘Has It Come To This?’.

Kelly performed and wrote material with Streets

in 1998. He says some tracks on the album ‘Original Pirate Material’ sound remarkably similar to songs they wrote together.

He told today’s (February 19) Sun newspaper: “I feel gutted and betrayed by someone I had trusted and considered a mate.

“Whenever I hear a Streets

‘ track on the radio or see Mike on TV, I can’t help thinking that it could have been my success story, too.”

A spokesman for Streets

insisted that Shaun was “just bitter”.