But it's not banned on NME.COM...

The video for Streets‘ new single has been banned due to its explicit content.

The video for ’Blinded By The Lights’ depicts frontman Mike Skinner taking drugs at a wedding, where he is left battered and bruised after a fight.

It also features a friend of Skinner receiving oral sex and filming in the incident with his mobile phone.


But watchdog Ofcom say that some scenes are too graphic for the video to be shown on television, reports today’s (September 20) Sun newspaper.

Music shows ‘Top Of The Pops’ and ‘CD:UK’ will only be able to show a few seconds of the video due to strict guidelines, and will be relying on Skinner to make live appearances to perform an edited version of the track.

While Radio 1 won’t be able to play the track on its Breakfast and Drivetime shows, MTV will play the full video, but only after an 11pm watershed.

’Blinded By The Lights’ is released on September 27.

Of course, it’s not banned here. You can see the video on NME.COM by clicking here.