The Streets’ Mike Skinner confirms new album and reveals new track name

The musician also plans festival dates for 2019

The Streets’ Mike Skinner has revealed he has a new song ready and will be working on a mixtape as well as playing a string of festivals next year.

Speaking to Q Magazine, Skinner revealed he has collaborated with artists Chip and Grim Sickers on a track titled ‘Call Me in the Morning.’

Skinner added that he’ll be working on further music for a mixtape in 2019 and plans to play a string of festivals – as well as releasing a film.


He told Q Magazine: “I’m going to be releasing more music as and when I feel inspired in the lead-up to the film.

“I’ve got a track that will be out by the time this runs, I think, Called ‘Call Me In The Morning’ with Chip and Grim Sickers, which is really good. And I’m planning a mixtape during 2019, as well as getting back into the swing of festivals.

“Then I’m going to make my film, release my album and after that we’re going to buy the West End off Andrew Lloyd Webber.”

Skinner is yet to reveal the release date of the new track, but a listing on Amazon suggests that the track will be released on the 23rd November 2018.

The Streets released new track ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ in March ahead of their reunion shows in April. The shows marked their first live return in the UK for seven years with gigs in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester, where Skinner played a range of hits from the entire back-catalogue.

Following the reunion shows, The Streets confirmed there would be another tour in January and February 2019 – including dates in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Bournemouth.


Despite previously telling NME he would only reform The Streets if he needed the cash, Skinner confirmed that the reunion tour was all about celebrating the music.

He told Mr Porter: “Well, I don’t need the cash, otherwise I’d have done all the festivals, and the offers we got were insane. There were a few things that Dizzee [Rascal] said when he did the big Red Bull gigs [referencing his 2016 Boy In Da Corner shows]. He said at one point, ‘I know this means a lot to you,’ and it felt like it was his way of saying, ‘But I’ve moved on.’ And I totally get that. I’m gonna celebrate the past.”

Last December, The Streets released two tracks titled ‘Burn Bridges’ and ‘Sometimes I Hate My Friends More Than My Enemies.’

While in March, Skinner revealed he was working on a Dawsons Creek inspired film set around London’s nightlife scene. The musician described the premise of the film as “a farce about guys and girls getting into trouble” in a club.

Speaking to Mr Porter, Skinner explained that he ended the Streets – the one-man alternative hip-hop outfit he started in 1994 – in order to work on a film, which he describes as “a Streets musical, like Casablanca but not as much as La La Land,” with the script being “very like a Streets Album.”

He then added that the reunion tour wouldn’t fund the project, but he hoped it would help people pay more attention.

Skinner explained: “The reason I finished The Streets was to make a film, and the reason I started The Streets up again was to make a film.”

Earlier this year, Lily Allen opened up about a fight she had with Mike Skinner at a festival in Australia, where Kasabian were forced to intervene.

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