Petition launched to save Strongroom in London after new office block threatens closure

'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls was recorded there

A petition to save Strongroom in London has been launched, as plans for a newly constructed office block have put the studio under threat of closure.

The East London establishment tweeted the news today, asking for help to save the studio. “WE NEED YOUR HELP!” they wrote, sharing the petition.

“Strongroom is under threat of closure from a huge office block construction proposal. 18 months of construction that would lead to the closure of our studios and cast our courtyard in shadow.



Music producer Richard “Biff” Stannard also tweeted his support for the cause, writing “This is so important. And so close to my heart. It’s where the spirit of the Spice Girls’s Music was born. We wrote Wannabe etc here. Please sign xxx”

The studio has been around since the mid-80s and has hosted live sets from the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Bjork, and Skrillex.

Music producer Ben Baptie described Strongroom as a special place, adding that it wasn’t just a haven for music producers but for the recording artists as well. “The cultural relevance of Strongroom is one that cannot be ignored when looking at the musical output in the UK,” he added. “From the original Jamie Reid artwork to the huge outside area to the characteristics of each studio within the building. This is a place where art is made. It is a creative space. It is not something that can be planned or purposefully created, as, like all great art, it is inspired, refined and a one off.


“Making records is not an easy or quick thing but Strongroom is a place where you feel comfortable doing that, and that is not to be ignored. It takes so much hard work from so many talented people over a long period of time to make that happen, and with each record made here it’s importance only grows.”

At the time of writing, the petition has been disabled for “inappropriate content”.