StubHub and Viagogo offices raided as part of ticket tout investigation

The London offices were raided in July

Investigators have raided the offices of StubHub and Viagogo in London as part of a probe into alleged breaches of consumer law among secondary ticketing companies.

Officials from the Competition and Markets Authority reportedly seized information about the relationships that both firms hold with ticket touts, amid reports of links with sellers who harvest tickets for popular events.

It is believed that the raid is part of an investigation from last year that aimed to work out whether ticketing companies are giving fans enough information about their tickets, such as whether they know who the seller is and if buyers could potentially be denied entry as a result of undisclosed restrictions.


After obtaining a search warrant, the Competition and Markets Authority raided StubHub’s office on Tottenham Court Road in July and Viagogo’s Canon Street base in July.

Adele and Ed Sheeran tickets were snapped up by touts

According to The Guardian, officials seized data that relates to StubHub’s “top seller” programme, which looks after its relationship with some of the world’s biggest ticket touts.

The revelation comes on the same day it was revealed that a Canadian ticket tout purchased hundreds of tickets for gigs by Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Metallica within minutes of them going on sale, after establishing an offshore business in the Isle of Man to rake in profits from reselling the tickets to music fans.

Newly leaked files from the Paradise Papers reveal that tout Julien Lavalee established his business in such a way that he was able to avoid paying UK tax on ticket sales worth over £100,000.