Stephen Street helps out on the follow-up to 'Head Music'...

Suede return to the studio today to complete work on their new album, assisted by Smiths producer STEPHEN STREET.

The group, who have been working on the follow-up to ’99s ‘Head Music’ for much of the last year, took a short break from recording in December to celebrate Christmas.

Now, the band are set to put the finishing touches to the record with Street, who produced the majority of Smiths recorded output, including the classic ‘The Queen Is Dead’.

In more recent times he has worked with bands including Blur and Cranberries. The album will be released in autumn this year.

Speaking recently to NME about the record, bassist Matt Osman said: “It’s a very heartfelt record. It’s much warmer and simpler that the last one. The songwriting is classic Suede but the sentiment is much more up than anything we’ve done for a long time. The last four years we usually only got about six months of pleasure at a time before something went horribly wrong. The whole thing with Neil (Codling) leaving was horrible. We’ve cleaned up our act and sorted ourselves out a little bit. We were a bit of a mess doing the last record but I don’t think that’s true at the moment.”

The record has been given a joke working title of ‘Subject To Nicotine Stains’, and will feature 10 or 11 songs, according to a posting on the band’s official website,