Two years, four producers, one member quitting, seven recording studios and an entire album of abandoned songs - and now 'A New Morning' is ready...

SUEDE have exclusively spoken to NME.COM about their new album ‘A NEW MORNING’, which has cost a rumoured £1million.

It’s taken two years, £1million, four producers, one band member quitting, seven different recording studios and an entire album of abandoned songs.

But the band are now finally ready to release their album comeback with ‘A New Morning’, more than three years after their Number One ‘Head Music’. Despite the false starts, ballooning costs and departure of keyboard player Neil Codling, the band eventually recorded the whole album in two months with producer Stephen Street – best known for his work with Suede’s arch rivals Blur.

NME.COM understands that Suede have spent around £1million on recording costs for ‘A New Morning’, after they dumped a whole album of music recorded with Beck producer Tony Hoffer.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, bassist Matt Osman said: “After two-and-a-half years, it’s all done, finally! It’s very positive and upbeat lyrically. There are some slower, darker tracks but I think the overall mood of it is pretty up. It sounds really poppy to me, but my idea of pop is really skewed. It doesn’t sound like Will Young.”

‘A New Morning’ will be released in September, with a single in August.

The bassist was not worried about the cost of the album. “Is it our most expensive album? Probably. If we do a couple of 10p videos it will be the cheapest!”

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