'Lost In TV' also features promo videos, a band 'on the couch' session and a facility to allow fans to sing 'karaoke' style to the band's hits...

SUEDE have included two brand new songs on a forthcoming DVD release slated for November.

The DVD and one of the songs are both called ‘Lost In TV’ . The DVD is released through Nude on November 26.

The release will feature all the videos from the group’s 17 singles in the UK, as well as rare and exclusive footage of Suede. Another, new song, ‘Simon’, will also come as part of the package. The track also features on the forthcoming Christian Leigh film ‘Far From China’.

Also featured in ‘Lost In TV’ is Suede taking part in an ‘on the couch’ session, where viewers can watch the group commenting and criticising their own promo videos, while fans can sing ‘karaoke’ style to the band’s hits. A VHS release is also scheduled, which will include the seventeen videos with none of the additional features.

Suede have almost completed a new album, which is likely to be released in the first half of 2002.