Brett Anderson and Tony Hoffer bond over a mutual love of Eno, Jacko and Duran Duran by a urinal in Paisley Park...

SUEDE‘s new producer TONY HOFFER has confessed he first met singer BRETT ANDERSON in a toilet!

Hoffer is helping the band produce their as-yet-untitled album, which is due for release late this year, or at the start of 2002.

Speaking in an interview with the official Suede website,, Hoffer explained how they met.

He said: “They (Suede) had heard a record I made with Beck called ‘Midnite Vultures’, and they wanted to get my input on a few tracks.

“I was in Paris at the time finishing up the mixing on the Air record, so I was very close to London. So I flew over and we hit it off right away. After some conversation, however, Brett and I realised we had originally met several years ago in the bathroom of Paisley Park in Minneapolis. We were just chilling by the urinal and bonding on our mutual love of Brian Eno, Michael Jackson and Duran Duran‘s ‘Seven And The Ragged Tiger’ album. It’s a wonder it took this long for us to actually come together.”

Hoffer joined Brett Anderson and new Suede member Alex Lee onstage last weekend (June 24) at the London Royal Festival Hall for a cover of Robert Wyatt’s ‘Sea Song’.