Nude Records blame "funding problems"...

NUDE RECORDS, the home of [/a], has gone into “voluntary liquidation”.

The label, which has been running for almost a decade and has also hosted releases by groups including Black Box Recorder, [a]Lowgold, Geneva and Ultrasound blames funding problems “entirely outside Nude’s control” for the action.

A statement has been issued to NME.COM that reads: “After ten years of trading, one of the most influential independent labels, Nude Records, is very sad to announce that it has had no alternative but to go into voluntary liquidation.

“Nude began this year very encouragingly with a new deal in place. However, this arrangement did not develop in the manner hoped due to events entirely outside Nude’s control when their funding was discontinued.

“With everyone’s support, Nude did all they could to find and structure alternative arrangements and funding. The expected new signing of a new Nude deal was brought to an abrupt end at the eleventh hour, leaving Nude without a home for the label, its artists and staff.”

Managing Director Saul Galpern said: “I’m deeply upset particularly for all the artists who I totally believe in and for all the people who have worked extrememly hard on behalf of myself and Nude over the years.”

[a][/a] are currently putting the final touches to their new album in London. A spokesperson for the group maintained the band would be “unaffected” by the closure of the label.