Demand is huge as the band run through their most loved LP 'Dog Man Star'...

SUEDE performed their classic second album ’DOG MAN STAR’ in full at a tiny show in LONDON last night (September 23).

The band played at the ICA venue, where they are hosting a five night residency and playing each of their albums, in order, in succession.

Last night, which was the most in-demand of the gigs, hundreds of ticketless fans queued for hours outside the venue in the vain hope of getting in to hear the 1994 album in full. It was rumoured that some were willing to pay hundreds of pounds to gain entry.

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singer and Brett Anderson’s former lover Justine Frischmann, the band played some of the songs on the record for the first time ever.

As an encore, Suede then played a selection of B-sides and recent singles.

Their residency continues tomorrow night with ’Coming Up’, followed by the albums ’Head Music’ and ’A New Morning’.

The band also tour later this year. For ticket availability, [url=]click here or call the NME Ticketline on 0870 1 663 663.

Suede release a new single, ‘Attitude’, on October 6. The band’s singles compilation, featuring all their hits, follows on October 20.