The band also play a host of old classics at the London bash...

SUEDE played a mammoth two-hour set at LONDON’s ELECTRIC BALLROOM last night (July 16) at an exclusive fan club show.

At the end of the evening, frontman Brett Anderson told the audience at the Camden venue that the band were “fucking knackered”, but that the show was a thank you to their “special” fans. Invite-only fan clubs have now become a Suede tradition for the launch of a new album.

As expected, the first part of the set was made up of the entirety of new Suede album ‘A New Morning’ played in order. It is the first time the band has given a public airing to all the songs from the new record, which is due for release in September.

Suede opened the set with new single ‘Positivity’, with Anderson – dressed in stonewash jeans and tight white T-shirt – gyrating and dancing on stage. The band then unveiled the entirety of the new album in order, with the upbeat, ‘New Generation’ – soundalike ‘Obsessions’ proving particularly popular. ‘Beautiful Loser’, a likely future single, was also a crowd-pleaser, along with the riotous ‘Streetlife’ which Anderson revealed “is about my favourite band – Oxide & Neutrino”.

Based on the band’s performance, ‘A New Morning’ will include the songs ‘Positivity’, ‘Lonely Girls’, ‘Obsessions’, ‘Beautiful Loser’, ‘When The Rain Falls’, ‘Streetlife’, ‘Astrogirl’, ‘Lost In TV’ and ‘Untitled’.

The band then rested briefly before playing a set including hits like ‘Trash’, ‘So Young’, ‘Metal Mickey’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough’ as well as old b-sides ‘My Insatiable One’ and ‘Killing Of A Flash Boy’.

Later in the set, a ‘wheel of fortune’ featuring more obscure Suede songs was carried on stage and a fan was invited on stage to spin the wheel. The band then played the song randomly selected by the spin of the wheel, resulting in rare outings for ‘My Dark Star’, ‘The Power’, ‘Simon’, ‘The Big Time’, ‘Sound Of The Streets’ and a solo acoustic performance of ‘The Living Dead’ by Anderson.

The two-hour show was concluded with a celebratory rendition of ‘Beautiful Ones’, which Anderson dedicated to the fans.