But the boys can't think of a half-decent album title yet. 'Instant Sunshine' anyone?...

SUEDE‘s forthcoming album features ten songs which are “best we’ve written”, according to vocalist BRETT ANDERSON.

[o]Speaking in an interview in the official Suede fanclub magazine, Anderson said that the record, the band’s fifth, had been given a working title of ‘Instant Sunshine’, but that is unlikely to be the final title.

He said: “I liked ‘Instant Sunshine’ for a while. But I hope I can come up with something better. If it ends up being called ‘Instant Sunshine’, you’ll know that I’ve just given in! When we finished (last album) ‘Head Music’, I wanted the next album to be called ‘Graffiti’, but this doesn’t sound like the sort of album that should be called ‘Graffiti’.

“I thought the next album was gonna be duller and much, much more urban, but it hasn’t turned out that way, so I’m not gonna shoehorn the title ‘Graffiti’ onto it. Another idea was ‘Fast Food’, kind of trashy and throwaway, but I don’t think this one is trashy and throwaway.”

The band have spent most of this year recording the album with producer Tony Hoffer. Speaking about the sessions, he said: “It’s an album of two halves. We’ve got ten songs, which are ten of the best we’ve written, but they’re quite different stylistically.

“What I’d do was go down to the studio or whatever then come back and rehearse it with the band. And it was much more of a diplomatic process. There are a lot more songs that will be credited to the whole band.”

Of the new songs, ‘Beautiful Loser’, which the band played at last year’s one-off show in Iceland, will definitely feature on the record, and Anderson is most happy with ‘Positivity’, a song about “someone who’s really close to me, who doesn’t have much in life but manages to deal with it incredibly well”.

The album is due for release at the start of 2002.