The band's fifth studio album is to be released later this year...

SUEDE are considering performing “low-key” live shows before the release of their forthcoming fifth studio album later this year.

Speaking in an interview with the official Suede website,, vocalist Brett Anderson said that although nothing was confirmed at present, the band wanted to perform live “before the album’s out”.

He said: “With the last one [‘Head Music’] we didn’t play for ages, because we were doing festivals and that. So there’s talk of doing a couple of fanclub things and low-key things… it’s always quite a good vibe, we’ve got a lot of really committed fans and it’s always quite good fun.”

Suede only performed one live show last year, at the Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik, where a batch of new songs were aired. However, Anderson said that Suede will be able to pick from “about 30” new songs for the as-yet-untitled record when they enter the studio on June 1 to commence recording.

He continued: “We’ve been writing for about a year now, and we’ve written a huge amount of songs, and I’m just basically filtering them all through and making sure they’re good enough. But we’re still carrying on writing at the moment, we’re not going into the studio till June.”

He said that Iceland gave the band some “perspective” on the new songs, which isn’t always possible in the studio.

“Half the songs we played there [Iceland] probably won’t be on the album. Sometimes you get a different perspective on a song when you’re playing it in front of an audience,” he said. “You take it away from the quiet, sterile surroundings of a rehearsal room and it becomes a very different song in front of a crowd. We were kind of seeing which songs worked best like that.”

The album is expected in the autumn. Working titles for some of the songs include ‘Shout’, ‘Positivity’, ‘Lost In TV’, ‘When The Rain Falls’, ‘Oceans’, ‘You Beautiful Loser’ and ‘You Belong To Me’.