The group promise songs that "even the band's most devoted collectors will never have heard before"...

SUEDE are to re-release their entire back catalogue with rare additional tracks.

Suede are preparing to release their as-yet-untitled fifth album at the start of 2002.

However, according to a posting on the official Suede website at, the band are currently preparing to re-release their back catalogue with each record “featuring an entire album’s worth of rare and unreleased tracks”.

The records will retail at midprice. Tracklistings for the records are currently unconfirmed, but the group promise songs that “even the band’s most devoted collectors will never have heard before”.

Suede‘s album sessions are slowly nearing completion. In a recent interview singer Brett Anderson said the band’s new material has a “celebratory” feel.

He commented: “The songs have got very kind of celebratory. The three songs we’ve written, ‘Positivity’, ‘Shout’ and another new one, they’re all as up as you can get. They’re not sort of bubblegum up, they’re not ‘Beautiful Ones’ up or anything like that, but they’re quite anthemic. People-come-together, that sort of feel.”