Brett Anderson describes keyboard player Alex Lee's arrival as like "a shot in the arm"...

BRETT ANDERSON has said the arrival of new member ALEX LEE has given SUEDE‘s new songs a “celebratory” feel.

Suede have spent much of this year working on a new studio album, which is expected towards the end of the year or the start of 2002.

However, during the sessions keyboardist Neil Codling quit the band – retiring from the music business after a long-running struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome.

His replacement, Alex Lee, formerly of Strangelove, has been working with the group, writing and recording new material.

Now, vocalist Brett Anderson has given an interview with the official Suede magazine, in which he describes working with Lee as like a “shot in the arm”.

He said: “The first few songs I wrote were very personal, dealing with personal break-ups, stuff like that, partly because of the sort of headspace I was at, sitting alone in a cottage.

“But that’s changed quite a lot recently. There’s been a kind of new shot in the arm with Alex joining, and the songs have got very kind of celebratory. The three songs we’ve written, ‘Positivity’, ‘Shout’ and another new one, they’re all as up as you can get. They’re not sort of bubblegum up, they’re not ‘Beautiful Ones’ up or anything like that, but they’re quite anthemic. People-come-together, that sort of feel.”

The Suede magazine is likely to be distributed to fanclub members from the start of next week. Details on how to join the fanclub are available on the official Suede website at