The band preview new LP 'A New Morning' at London's Royal Festival Hall...

SUEDE employed the services of a ten-piece orchestra for their return to the UK stage last night.

The band played a show at the London Royal Festival Hall as part of [a][/a]’s ongoing Meltdown Festival (June 23).

The show was the band’s first headline gig proper, where the general public have had the opportunity to hear songs from forthcoming album ‘A New Morning’, which is due in September.

The group were flanked by a ten-piece string section, who added a lushness to new songs including ‘Obsessions’, ‘Lost In TV’, described by Brett Anderson as a “favourite” of the band, future single ‘Positivity’, ‘Astrogirl’ and ‘Beautiful Loser’.

The new songs were mixed with fan favourites ‘Metal Mickey’ and ‘The Wild Ones’, as well as ‘The Power’, ‘Indian Strings’, ‘Everything Will Flow’ and ‘She’s In Fashion’.

One fan who was at the show told NME.COM: “They looked quite a lot older, but the new songs were mostly good. Some sound like the poppier moments from ‘Dog Man Star’, while ‘Postivity’ and ‘Obsessions’ sound like they could’ve been recorded for ‘Coming Up’.”

The band played: ‘Simon’


‘The Wild Ones’

‘Everything Will Flow’

‘Lost In TV’

‘She’s In Fashion’



‘Metal Mickey’


‘Indian Strings’


‘Beautiful Loser’

‘Beautiful Ones’

‘Can’t Get Enough’

‘When The Rain Falls’



‘My Insatiable One’

‘The Power’


The group will play another London show for fanclub members on July 16, and then embark on a full UK tour in the autumn. To buy tickets, [url=]click here or call the NME Ticketline on 0870 1 663 663.