Two new songs form part of his appearance at the Bristol Poetry Festival...

SUEDE vocalist BRETT ANDERSON performed new material while making his debut as a performance poet at yesterday’s BRISTOL POETRY FESTIVAL (October 14).

Anderson read a selection of lyrics, which featured new song ‘Simon’, before performing a short acoustic set which included new song ‘Oceans’. The track is likely to feature on band’s forthcoming album, due for release in 2002.

The performance was part of the Pop Celebrity evening, the closing event of the festival celebrating the links between rock and poetry.

Wearing jeans and a faded T-shirt, a laconic Anderson read from songs including ‘Killing Of A Flashboy’, ‘Trash’, ‘Introducing The Band’, ‘The Beautiful Ones’, ‘Heroine’ and ‘Daddy’s Speeding’. He appeared to be slightly embarrassed, smiling and laughing during some of the readings.

New song ‘Simon’ included the words: “Simon, are you somewhere in my soul?/Simon, where did you go?”.

Anderson then pulled out his guitar to play ‘Indian Strings’ and the new song ‘Oceans’, which included the chorus: “There’s oceans between us/light years that screen us/Oceans that drift away/Oceans that fade to grey.”

He then concluded the event with an encore of ‘The Living Dead’, saying: “It’s the only other song I can play.”

Speaking to NME.COM, festival director Hester Cockcroft said: “Suede were always highly regarded as lyricists. So I thought it would make an interesting event and a good way to finish off the festival.”

She added: “Lyrics can count as poetry, as they have the ability to speak very directly to people. It’s a debate that’s been going on a long time, who’s better, John Keats or Bob Dylan? It’s the kind of thing you can ramble on [about] for hours.”