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Suede‘s new album is due out on May 3 on Nude and begins with the letter ‘H’, according to Brett Anderson, who is insisting on spelling out the title a letter at a time.

The album, which was recorded in London and produced by Steve Osborne, will be preceded by a single in April, which has yet to be chosen.

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Rumoured titles of the album before Brett‘s announcement included ‘She’s In Fashion’ and ‘Asbestos’. It is not known how often Brett will be revealing new letters of the title, but the first was unveiled in the official fanzine The Suede Information Service, which is published about four times a year. Peter Saville, who provided the art work for the band’s most recent LP, ‘Coming Up’, is currently working on the new cover.

Bassist Mat Osman said of the album: “It’s going really well. It’s taking a long time, like they always do. The thing is the tracks sound more different from each other than on any record we’ve done before. It’s all recognisably Suede but there’s a bigger range of songs on it.”

Keyboard player Neil Codling added: “To put it in NME speak, imagine ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ with aluminium limbs, re-entering the earth’s atmosphere after having cleaned its teeth with baking soda. The songs… are not so much dark, but colder.”

Codling added that there had been a lot of “sonic experimentation” on the album using computers and samplers and that Brett Anderson had also played guitar on a number of the tracks, strumming “cheap and cheerful toy guitars to give the album the raw, honest sound of incompetence.” He continued: “If this makes no sense, it’s because amidst the blips, bloops, chugs and squelches we’re still very much in the middle of things and trying to explain the end product to people who have yet to hear anything is difficult.” The band were keen to point out that the new LP was not a ‘dance’ album, as had been rumoured following the appointment of Steve Osborne, who has previously worked with Happy Mondays and the Sabres Of Paradise.

Speaking in The Suede Information Service Anderson said: “‘Dog Man Star’ was supposed to be a rap album and ‘Coming Up’ was going to be a double experimental album and you couldn’t get much further from the truth. It’s not dancey at all. It’s not so rocky I suppose, but there are some stompers on it.”


Mixing on the album was due to start last week. The band hope to have all production work completed by the end of the month.

As regards live dates, the band have still not confirmed any, though it is expected they will tour around the album release. The band were expected to do a fan club-only gig of new material last year, but it never happened, so that could be rescheduled for later in 1999.

Guitarist Richard Oakes explained: “This is the longest gap (from playing live) we’ve had since I’ve been in the band. It’ll happen when it happens, when we feel confident enough and know that we can make it sound fantastic. There’s no point in doing something that sounds half-cocked.”

For information on The Suede Information Service write to PO Box 3431, London, N1 7LW.

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