See the band working on material which will appear on the follow-up to '99's 'Head Music'....

SUEDE have made a series of films and a live webcam from ROCKFIELD STUDIOS available on their official website, documenting the recording of their forthcoming album.

Suede have moved to Wales and commenced recording the follow-up to ‘Head Music’ with Beck producer Tony Hoffer. They have decided to make a series of photographs and live films available via the official Suede website, [url=]

Currently on the site are a series pictures taken in the studio within the last seven days. In addition, there are three short films; one of mainman Brett Anderson singing the track ‘Asda Town’, one of him working on lyrics on an old typewriter, and one of him talking with Hoffer.

Live footage of the band in the studio is online now (3.10pm).

Tracks cited for inclusion on the forthcoming, as-yet-untitled record include ‘Oceans’, ‘Lonely Girls’, ‘Lost In TV’, ‘When The Rain Falls’, ‘You Beautiful Loser’ and ‘You Belong To Me’.

Speaking previously to NME.COM about the new material, Anderson said: “I like ‘Oceans’, that’s really good. It’s a nice song and it’s got a nice musical texture. ‘Lost In TV’, I like that. When you write a song you have to be ruthless with it, you can discard it, make sure it’s right. I want this album to have real consistency.”