Suede are using a new producer for their new album, taking shape in a studio in west London...

Suede have parted company with producer Ed Buller, the man behind their three studio albums. Shortly before going into the studio, the band demoed 15 songs with three different producers. They’re now recording their new album in west London with Happy Mondays, U2 and Placebo producer Steve Osbourne.

The album, the follow-up to the 1.5million-selling ‘Coming Up’, is due in early March, preceded by a single in February, both on Nude. The band plan to premiere material from the new album at a series of fan-club gigs around the country at Christmas. The last time the band played a fan-club show was in 1996 at London’s Hanover Grand when they introduced keyboardist Neil Codling. The new record is described as more “electronic and rhythmic” by sources close to the band.

One source told NME: “If you think along the lines of ‘Europe Is Our Playground’ (B-side to ‘We Are The Pigs’) you wouldn’t be far wrong. It’s not all slow like that, there’s some quite fast stuff as well.”


Brett Anderson and Neil Codling will be sharing the writing credits on this album. Codling contributed two songs to ‘Coming Up’. Two of the tracks recorded so far have the titles ‘She’s In Fashion’ and ‘Asbestos’. Suede’s spokesman commented: “It’s true, this record is very different. It’s very futuristic and they’re referring to it as their ‘sex album’. We’ve been hearing some rough cuts and it’s amazing. They’ve got rough sketches for about 20 songs.”

There’s no working title for the album as yet. The spokesman explained: “Brett doesn’t tend to name albums until they’re virtually released. I’m sure this one will be no different.”

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