The rockers claim their accountant siphoned off their cash...

Suede and Primal Scream are suing their former financial adviser over missing funds that may total several hundred thousand pounds.

As revealed in August by, Suede had fired accountant Frank Dixon after discovering that monies set aside to pay their tax bill had simply disappeared. In their High Court writ, issued on July 12 but only released this week, the band said they could not put a complete figure on the missing amount, but it is thought it could run to hundreds of thousands.

Suede first became aware something was wrong in March when they discovered they had been under investigation from the taxman for almost two years.


Primal Scream, meanwhile, are demanding a complete and thorough investigation into Dixon’s affairs. Their writ details two withdrawals totalling almost #55,000 that Dixon took from individual band members in May this year. The band believe the money was used by Dixon to “settle personal liabilities”.

The Primal Scream problems led to them deciding recently to sack their manager Alex Nightingale – son of veteran Radio One DJ Annie, as revealed by on August 25. We also announced that former Creation boss Alan McGee had become caretaker manager of the band for the time being.

Although Nightingale is not implicated in the scandal, the band seem to have felt he was not properly looking after their interests and moved quickly to distance themselves from him.

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