Posters for Head Music 107.1fm herald arrival of Radio Suede in London...

A pirate radio station dedicated to Suede was launched in London last week to mark the release of the band’s new album, ‘Head Music’.

No-one connected to the band was admitting responsibility for the illegal station, which broadcasts sporadically on 107.1fm across the capital. But the person responsible faces up to two years in jail, an unlimited fine and having their equipment confiscated if caught.

The Radio Authority confirmed that no licences had been granted in the London area for that frequency and that local station Capital Radio had complained to them about the broadcasts.


Flyposters bearing the message ‘Head Music 107.1FM’ were put up across the capital on May 4, the day after the album was released. Advertising a pirate station is also an offence, as is DJing for a pirate station. Both carry penalties of up to six months in jail or a &5,000 fine.

A band spokesman said the station was broadcasting excerpts from Suede interview picture discs as well as some “very Suede” music such as the Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Chic and Kate Bush. He added: “Whoever’s doing it is doing it very professionally.”

Suede‘s record company Nude denied any involvement with the station.

Boss Saul Galpern told NME: “We’ve heard about it, but it’s nothing to do with us. I think it’s a load of Suede fans who’ve set it up. I think it’s great and it shows they’ve got fucking great fans.”

It’s not known how long the station intends to continue. But a spokesman at the Radio Communication Agency, the government department responsible for regulating the airwaves, said they were investigating the station and would call in the police once they had tracked it down.

Meanwhile, Suede‘s next single is ‘She’s In Fashion’, released on June 10 through Nude. The track is backed with a host of other new songs across three formats. CD1 features ‘Bored’, and ‘Pieces Of My Mind’. CD2 has ‘Jubilee’ and ‘God’s Gift’, while the cassette is backed with a demo version of album track ‘Down’.


Artwork for the single is being completed by Pete Saville, who did the covers of ‘Head Music’ and ‘Electricity’.

Last week, the band celebrated the release of their new album, their fourth, with a midnight gig at Virgin Megastore on London’s Oxford Street for 400 fans with hundreds more queuing outside. Afterwards, the band signed albums until 5am. The band have also just announced they are to support REM this summer on their European tour, which takes in seven cities outside the UK from June 17 to July 13.

We spent all weekend fiddling with our dials – ooh stop – and couldn’t seem to hear the station; has anyone been able to tune-in? Is it any good? Is it just hype? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!