Okay, we've done the Manics, Placebo and Mansun - now's your chance to quiz Brett and the boys...

Are you a Beautiful One? Do you run with the dogs? Tonight? You do? This is for you, then.

After Mansun, Placebo and the Manics it’s the latest in our regular opportunities for you to put your questions to your favourite stars.

Want to find out about:


The new album?If Suede are really bigger than the universe? That letter-by-letter album title palaver? How they feel about going head-to-head with Tiffany in the charts for their new single…like Blur vs Oasis – but more glamorous? Justine Elastica? David Bowie? That guitarist bloke they used to know? Inviting them to a tea dance?

Now’s you chance to ask these and eminently more sensible, exciting and pertinent questions.

Questions must arrive by 6pm Wednesday 14 April 1999 – we’ll be putting your questions to them shortly after.

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