Suede in 'E' shocker...

Suede have unveiled the second letter of the title of their new album and it’s an ‘E’.

The two letters already announced are H and E. nme.com readers have suggested that the title could be anything from ‘Heroin’, ‘Heroine’, ‘Her Majesty’s Pleasure’ to ‘Hey Bernard, Come Back We Need You’. Saul Galpern, MD of Nude Records – Suede’s label – said: “The response has been overwhelming. They had no idea everyone would go mad about it, it only started as a joke. It’s quite incredible the people who have rung us giving us their suggestions.”

The album is due out on May 3 with a brand new single in April and the band have promised to put fans out of their misery by announcing the full title soon.


Heh Heh Heh? Hell, I Can’t Think Of A Title? Here’s A Bad Idea…? Any of these likely? What do you think the title will be now? Have your say. Post a message on Angst!

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