Suede unveil new album and live show countdown

The band are posting a series of puzzles on their Facebook page

Suede have unveiled a puzzle style countdown to the announcement of live shows and the release of their forthcoming new album.

The indie icons are posting a series of five images on their Facebook page, each one revealing more details of their 2013 plans.

The final image of the puzzle will be revealed on Monday (December 3), where it is thought that they will be announcing a spring show in London.

Earlier this autumn, Suede frontman Brett Anderson said that Suede’s new album sounds like “a cross between bits of ‘Dog Man Star’ and bits of ‘Coming Up'”.

Speaking to The Quietus, Anderson explained that their sixth album “doesn’t sound anything like” their last LP, 2002’s ‘A New Morning’, but has more in common with their second album, released in 1994, and their third, which came out in 1996.

He added: “Without wishing to be facetious, it sounds like Suede. We’re not trying to reinvent the sound of the band, that’d be a disastrous thing to do. I think that’s possibly where we went wrong on the last two albums.”

Suede debuted a new track called ‘For The Strangers’ at the Hop Farm Music Festival in July. The band are working with producer Ed Buller, who worked on their first three LPs.