Brett Anderson: ‘The new Suede album is a cross between ‘Dog Man Star’ and ‘Coming Up”

The band are currently recording their first LP in a decade

Suede frontman Brett Anderson has said that the album he and the band are currently recording sounds like “a cross between bits of ‘Dog Man Star’ and bits of ‘Coming Up'”.

Speaking to The Quietus, Anderson explained that their sixth album “doesn’t sound anything like” their last LP, 2002’s ‘A New Morning’, but has more in common with their second album, released in 1994, and their third, which came out in 1996.

Of the record, he added: “Without wishing to be facetious, it sounds like Suede. We’re not trying to reinvent the sound of the band, that’d be a disastrous thing to do. I think that’s possibly where we went wrong on the last two albums.”

Anderson said that the band have been writing for the past year and recording “on and off”, with one session in May, and another set for this month at Sarm Studios in west London. He explained that though he’s ‘loving’ the recording process, it has been hard work. “Any album is brutally hard, and this one has been pretty hard,” he said.

He continued: “A lot of the writing process for me is throwing stuff away, because you’re finding out what you want to do. There was a lot of that, and we discarded quite a few songs. Early this year we started hitting on the sort of songs that we were aiming to write, and it’s sounding really good now.”

Suede debuted a new track called ‘For The Strangers’ at the Hop Farm Music Festival in July. The band are working with producer Ed Buller, who worked on their first three LPs.