Suede debut brand new material at Hop Farm Festival

Brett Anderson also discusses the progress of their 'fantastic' forthcoming album

Suede debuted a new track called ‘For The Strangers’ at the Hop Farm Music Festival last night (July 1) – the first glimpse into the band’s forthcoming sixth album.

Headlining the final night of the festival, which also saw performances by Richard Ashcroft, Tom Vek and Gruff Rhys, the reunited quintet played a hit-heavy, 90-minute set including the new offering and recent track ‘Sabotage’ – which they first played last year.

Both tracks showed the band’s slower, more sweeping side and were received well by the enthusiastic crowd, particularly the latter song which was introduced by Brett Anderson as them doing “something special for Hop Farm”.

Speaking before the band’s set, Anderson explained their decision to unveil the track at the festival. “We always had a tradition in the ’90s of debuting songs at festivals, so we like the idea of doing that,” he said. “It’s terrifying because you don’t just have your own partisan audience, there’s people there that don’t give a shit as well so the potential for it to go wrong is huge, but it’s exciting.”

The singer also revealed that Suede have been in the studio with producer Ed Buller, who worked on the band’s first three, widely-acclaimed albums, ‘Suede’, ‘Dog Man Star’ and ‘Coming Up’. Anderson explained:

We’ve been writing for a while now and we’re excited about what we’ve been doing. We’re working with Ed Buller who made the first three Suede albums. It was always going to be Ed; I think it was the only thing to do to be honest.

He continued: “He’s made some fantastic records with us in the past and now he’ll make another one. In the last two albums we tried to reject ourselves as a guitar band which, looking back, was quite a strange thing to do. But with this album we’re accepting that we’re a guitar band and guitar music can be fucking amazing if it’s done well.”

Anderson had previously stated that the new album would only be released if it was “amazing”, however it now seems as though the record will almost definitely see the light of day.

Suede played:

‘Introducing The Band’
‘We Are The Pigs’
‘Animal Nitrate’
‘Stay Together’
‘The Drowners’
‘Killing Of A Flashboy’
‘Can’t Get Enough’
‘For The Strangers’
‘So Young’
‘Metal Mickey’
‘The Wild Ones’
‘New Generation’
‘Beautiful Ones’
‘Saturday Night’
‘Still Life’