Brett Anderson: ‘I owe the rest of Suede a huge apology’

Frontman reveals regrets over recording sessions

Brett Anderson has revealed he owes his Suede bandmates a “huge apology” over his conduct during the recording sessions for their 1999 album ‘Head Music’.

The frontman has admitted he was “weak, selfish and thoroughly horrid” during the famously fractious sessions for the band’s fourth studio LP.
Asked by The Guardian to whom he’d like to make an apology, Anderson said:

I feel horribly embarrassed by my conduct during the making of ‘Head Music’. I was weak and selfish and thoroughly horrid and I owe Richard [Oaks], Mat [Osman], Simon [Gilbert] and Neil [Codling] a huge apology.

However, by contrast he claimed that he has never been happier than he is now, adding: “It’s a beautiful thing to find yourself ‘the wrong side of 40’ and more in love with life than ever.”

Last month, the singer confirmed that Suede will write and record a new album this year, which will be their first since 2002’s ‘A New Morning’.

Anderson said he will return to the studio with the reformed band once he has completed promotional duties for his latest solo LP ‘Black Rainbows’, which is due out on September 26.

Suede are due to play in Athens, Greece tomorrow night (September 11), their final scheduled gig of the year.