Brett Anderson discusses working with Bernard Butler on Suede again – video

Duo worked on mastering of 'The Best Of' album

Brett Anderson has told NME about how he and Bernard Butler reunited in the studio to work on the mastering of Suede‘s new ‘The Best Of’ compilation.

Butler left Suede in 1994 then worked with Anderson again in 2005 when the pair formed The Tears.

Speaking in a video interview with NME that you can watch on the right now, Anderson said that, although his relationship with Butler was bad when the guitarist left the group, the new mastering sessions brought back fond memories.

“We did lots of the remastering together,” he said. “That was an interesting thing to do. I hadn’t sat in a studio with Bernard listening to Suede songs for nearly 20 years.”

He added: “That was a nice nostalgic little thing where we sit together listening to [1992 song] ‘The Drowners’, thinking, ‘The last time we did this was in 1991 or 1992.’ It’s a nice trip down memory lane.”

Watch the full Suede interview on the right now. Their ‘The Best Of’ album is released today (November 1).