Suede reunion show is definitely happening says label boss

After the rumours, band associate tells NME.COM they will be playing a one-off show

Suede are to reform to play a one-off gig, NME.COM can confirm.

Following persistent rumours, the boss of the band’s former label, Nude RecordsSaul Galpern, told NME.COM, it is true that the band will be playing together again.

“It’s [for] a one-off gig,” he explained of the show, which is expected to feature the band’s second incarnation, with Richard Oakes rather than Bernard Butler on guitar.


The band will reportedly play London‘s Royal Albert Hall as part of the forthcoming Teenage Cancer Trust shows, whose patron is The Who‘s Roger Daltrey.

Suede frontman Brett Anderson has previously hinted that he’d like to reunite the band.

“I’d quite like to make a band record again, my last few [solo albums] have just been me in the studio with a piano,” he told Bang Media last year. “I can’t say whether I’d get back with Suede or not. I email Simon [Gilbert] and Mat [Osman] often and Bernard I see occasionally for a chat. There’s no bad blood.”

However, speaking last February, Butler slammed the current spate of band reunions, saying he found them “embarrassing”. He did reunite briefly with Anderson in 2005 to form a new band, The Tears, who made one album.

Butler left the band in 1994, with Oakes replacing him after he auditioned for the role. He made his first appearances with Suede on the ‘Dog Man Star’ tour later that year. After co-writing some B-sides with Anderson, the first album he appeared on was 1996’s ‘Coming Up’.