The star tells NME.COM that critics were right to slag him off for his words on the last Suede album 'Head Music'...

BRETT ANDERSON said that he was “blase” about the lyrics for Suede‘s last album ‘HEAD MUSIC’, and will enter a residential studio tomorrow (October 24) to record new material with SIGUR ROS producer KEN THOMAS.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM on Saturday night (October 21) following Suede‘s only gig of the year at the Reykjavik Kaugardalsholl Stadium in Iceland, Anderson said that “quite rightly” he was criticised for the lyrics on ‘Head Music’, and for the new album he will “actually think about things”.

He said: “I think quite rightly I was criticised for repeating myself and it became a way of criticising the last album and it was partly true and it partly wasn’t. But I was quite conscious of it and I have tried not to repeat myself.”


When asked to pinpoint the exact inspiration for the new Suede material, he said: “I suppose there is a lot of quite personal stuff really. I think I was quite blase before and I was determined this time around not to be blase about it, not just rely on things I have spoken about before and actually think about things. I have been reading a lot and listening to a lot of music.

“I needed to get away from London…I didn’t want to be another band just hammering out another album. I always thought Suede should be something more than that.”

Keyboardist Neil Codling said although Suede are “solid as a rock”, they’re also “totally aware” of press criticism of ‘Head Music’ and Anderson “is totally right” to get away from London to work on new material. He continued: “He needed to do it and it is what he wanted to do. The last record is quite hard and cold and industrial sounding and he wanted a different feel.

“We wanted to get back to rehearsing and writing songs like that in a much more ‘organic’ way like we did with ‘Coming Up’. We rehearsed the fuck out of those songs and it was better for us to record the record. We went in doing ‘Head Music’ and we had half finished ideas…we didn’t want to work that way again, for this record anyway. We thought we’d trash it out in the rehearsal room.”

Anderson said that four of the tracks premiered in Iceland were likely to appear on the band’s forthcoming fifth album, with ‘Oceans’ and ‘Lost In TV’ being likely candidates. He said: “I like ‘Oceans’, that’s really good. It’s a nice song and it’s got a nice musical texture. ‘Lost In TV’, I like that. When you write a song you have to be ruthless with it, you can discard it, make sure it’s right. I want this album to have real consistency”

He said that new track ‘Simon’ will be recorded with Sigur Ros producer Ken Thomas, and is set to feature on the soundtrack for a forthcoming, as yet untitled Dogma film directed by Christian Leigh. He said: “We’ve got lots of ideas, we’re not going to produce it ourselves. We always produce our B-sides ourselves, we’re totally capable of producing a coherent piece of music but I think the point of having a producer is that there’s a new brain that stretches the music in a different direction.


“We’re doing a track next week with Ken Thomas, the guy who that did the Sigur Ros album. We’re doing the soundtrack for a new Dogma film. We’re just doing one track and then Neil will probably do the rest of the incidental music at home. He does a lot of work in his studio at home.”