NME.COM is on hand to witness the band's only gig of 2000 - and speaks to the band about their future...

Suede premiered nine new songs at their only gig of the year in REYKJAVIK, ICELAND on Saturday night (October 21), NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

The band played their show at the Reykjavik Kaugardalsholl Stadium to approximately 4,000 fans. Of the nine new songs premiered, the majority were ballads, or stripped down versions of new material.

Of the new songs, set opener ‘Oceans’ was a string drenched ballad, featuring the lyrics “Oceans between us /Light years between us /Like oceans we drift away,” and had a sound reminiscent of ‘By The Sea’ from Suede‘s third album ‘Coming Up’. The epic, acoustic sound was also evident on new tracks ‘Lonely Girls’, ‘When The Rain Falls’, ‘Simon’ and ‘Lost In TV’, with ‘When The Rain Falls’ in particular sounding like ‘The 2 Of Us’ from ‘Dog Man Star’.

On many of the ballads, Anderson‘s voice was boosted by keyboardist Neil Codling and guitarist Richard Oakes on backing vocals, providing three-way vocal harmonies.

Suede also played two new heavier tracks, ‘You Beautiful Loser’, which featured the chorus: “You beautiful loser /You beautiful lay /I see you’re coming down the hard way”, and ‘You Belong To Me’.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM following the show, vocalist Brett Anderson defended the band’s decision to play their only gig of the year outside of the UK. He said: “If we’d played a gig in London, every fucker would have been there assuming (these tracks) are Suede‘s new album and it’s not, we’ve still got six months of writing to do.”

Speaking informally to NME.COM, guitarist Richard Oakes said that although the songs are currently mainly acoustic, they may not remain that way when finished. He added that the band “still have a long way to go” before the album is finished.

Keyboardist Neil Codling added: “We just did this gig because we wanted to see how it was going. We did this gig because they asked us, and it would be a good thing to try out what we had been writing…playing London you always feel a bit apprehensive.”

Codling also defended the band’s decision to play away from most of their fans. he joked: “This is just a one-off gig to test the water and was never intended to be an exclusive event. We just wanted to try out the new stuff…hang on, we will be back! We’re not permanently going to play in the Arctic circle!”

The full set list ran: ‘Oceans’ ‘You Beautiful Loser’ ‘Can’t Get Enough’ ‘Trash’ ‘Refugees’ ‘Lonely Girls’ ‘The Wild Ones’ ‘Everything Will Flow’ ‘Untitled’ ‘Beautiful Ones’ ‘She’ ‘You Belong To Me’ ‘She’s In Fashion’ ‘When The Rain Falls’ ‘Simon’ ‘Lost In TV’ ‘Starcrazy’ ‘Saturday Night’

The band return to the studio today (October 23) to continue recording. A spokesperson for the band said that is was unlikely that any new Suede material will be released until Spring 2001 at the earliest.