Brett Anderson in Christina Aguilera shock

He is beautiful, no matter what you say

Footage of Brett Anderson covering Christina Aguilera has surfaced online.

The former Suede singer, currently on hiatus from The Tears, can be seen covering her hit ‘Beautiful’ on a piano.

The clip can be seen below.


As previously reported, Anderson has completed a solo album, due to be released next year.

Released on March 26 through Drowned In Sound Recordings, Anderson co-produced the album with Fred Ball. The singer said: “In the past I’ve hidden behind characterisation and viginettes, but I’ve not done that here.

“Essentially I have taken a knife to myself and am showing the world my insides. The songs are a comment on how I really feel, whether it be the death of my Dad, my hatred of consumerism or just the loneliness of life.”

Tracks set for inclusion include ‘Songs For My Father’, ‘Scorpio Rising’ and ‘Love Is Dead’.

However, the ‘Beautiful’ cover is unlikely to appear on the collection.