The pair speak out for the first time in ten years - and let slip the name of their new band…

BRETT ANDERSON and BERNARD BUTLER have named their new band THE TEARS – and say the sessions have been as exciting as when they recorded the first SUEDE


Last week NME.COM were invited by the duo to a London studio where they’re mixing the final songs for The Tears’ as-yet-untitled debut album, which is due for release in the spring. The name of the band is a reference to a Philip Larkin poem, ‘Femmes Damnées’, which ends “The only sound heard is the sound of tears”.

In their first interview together in a decade, Anderson and Butler told NME.COM that being back together had been “incredibly inspiring” – despite the fact that they had to patch up their relationship.

The pair’s acrimonious split meant they didn’t speak from Butler’s departure from Suede in 1994 to Anderson picking up the phone at the end of last year in an attempt to regain his inspiration.

Anderson said: “It seemed like the time was right. I didn’t finish with Suede in order to give Bernard a call. It had to happen naturally, the band had to come to its natural termination. I felt that I’d written my best songs with Bernard.”

Bernard added: “There’s only one purpose of doing (the new album), and that’s to make a great record. There’s no social ambitions, we don’t go bowling together!”

Brett continued: “The first thing we said when we got together was that we won’t release a note of music unless the album’s spectacular. That’s the most important thing about it. We could have written for three years and if the songs hadn’t been any good we wouldn’t have bothered getting to this stage with it.

“There’s a lot of people out there who are worried about us getting back together and tarnishing what we’ve done before. Then there’s that whole issue of ‘When they get back together are they going to live up to what they’ve done in the past?’ We don’t want that to be an issue so it has to be spectacular.”

The songs were mainly recorded at Bernard Butler’s home studio, with the final mixes done at Strong Room in East London. Backed by two new members, Mako Sakamoto on drums and Nathan Fisher on bass, The Tears plan to play their first live shows before the end of the year.