The former Suede partners work on a collaboration for the first time in ten years...

BRETT ANDERSON is planning a solo album – which is likely to feature a collaboration with former bandmate BERNARD BUTLER.

Anderson split Suede last year with the declaration that he wanted ‘to get his demon back’. Now, it looks like he will be getting Butler back as part of the deal.

An source close to Anderson told XFM: “Brett has, as far as I know, been writing with Bernard… on at least one track.”

News of Anderson’s solo plans broke when former Longpig and Pulp collaborator Richard Hawley posted on his website that “I’ve been asked to co-write with Brett Anderson on his first solo outing, I’ll keep you posted as things happen if you like.”

Yesterday, XFM’s source confirmed the collaboration and revealed that Anderson and Butler had been working together, saying Brett was “Wanting to get back to basics, and to stop sounding like Suede for a while. He’s really chuffed with the results – his voice is almost starting to sound like [a][/a]! When people hear it, I think they’re going to be really surprised.”

At Suede’s final show last year, Anderson also suggested that the split may not be permanent.