And there’s talk of live shows this year too…

BRETT ANDERSON has spoken about working with ex-SUEDE guitarist BERNARD BUTLER.

Following the band’s split, Anderson and Butler, who walked out of the group in 1994, reunited to start work on a new album. In a statement to fans, Anderson explained the progress so far.

He said: “Me and Bernard are back in a London studio putting the finishing touches on what is shaping up to be a truly special record. Usually by this point in making any album I go through a period of doubt about its quality but this time the songs are just getting better.

“My drive, direction and focus, which became clouded towards the end of my work with Suede, are all back with a vengeance and both me and Bernard are excited about being back in the game.”

The album will be finished next month, with a release scheduled for the start of next year. The duo’s first live appearance with their new band will take place in December.

In addition, Anderson is also working on a solo album, described as “dark and melancholic”.