Suede hint at new album in teaser video – watch

Band suggest clip includes 'first sounds' from their seventh LP

Suede have hinted that their seventh studio album is on the way with a new teaser video. Scroll down to watch the clip.

The short video, which was published on the band’s website, features atmospheric drones and includes eerie images of the band’s logo submerged under water. Although the band are yet to confirm what the video is connected to, bassist Mat Osman linked to the clip on Twitter and wrote the message “It begins”.

Keyboardist Neil Codling also linked to the video on Twitter and added: “First sounds from #Suede7.” The band’s last album, 2013’s ‘Bloodsports’, was their sixth studio effort and their first since 2002’s ‘A New Morning’.

Back in February, Suede picked up the Godlike Genius Award at the NME Awards 2015 with Austin, Texas. Speaking to NME about the band’s legacy, Brett Anderson said: “I felt, before we reformed, that we’d gone off the radar a bit. And when we got back together we reminded people of what we did really well. I think there was a real re-evaulation of Suede as an artistic force.”

He added: “With ‘Bloodsports’, we tried to make it compete with our best ever work. It’s very hard doing a comeback album when you haven’t made an LP for 10 years, because you can’t reinvent yourself – you have to look at what you’ve done best and solidify that. But it sent out a statement that we can still make great music.”