Frank Dixon found guilty of pilfering cash from the likes of Suede and Primal Scream...

A former employee of acts such as PRIMAL SCREAM, SUEDE, and ECHOBELLY was jailed for a year today (May 7) after “siphoning” over £1 million from their accounts.

Frank Dixon used the money to keep his flailing company in business. The court learnt that Dixon kept his actions hidden through bad bookkeeping, and an insistence that he was paying the Britpop stars’ tax bills.

Dixon pleaded guilty to 25 counts of false accounting charges at London’s Harrow Crown Court yesterday (May 6). The charges were made by the bands from 1997 to 2000.

Prosecutor Sarah Forshaw explained that Dixon initially lied to cover up his crime, saying that the money he took was owed to him.

“He said he was too nervous about raiding invoices as the amounts were large and would have been questioned by the clients,” she explained.

However, the bands did not believe that he was entitled to any of the money, reports Ananova.

Forshaw explained that Suede suffered most at the hands of Dixon, with their loses expected to be in the region of £1.1 million. Primal Scream lost £187,000, while Echobelly wrote off over £100,000.

The court decided not to proceed with nine counts of theft that Dixon was also charged with.