Brett Anderson reveals the group will work together again from the stage at the band's final gig at the London Astoria...

BRETT ANDERSON delighted fans at SUEDE’s last show by announcing that the group will reform at some point in the future to make a new record.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the band have announced that their UK dates this month will be their last, with each member concentrating on “individual projects” from 2004. The final show was this evening at the London Astoria (December 13).

Speaking from the stage, Brett said: “I just want you to know. There will be another Suede record. But not yet.”

The band came on stage at the Astoria at 7.30pm and played two different sets. The first was full of rare tracks and B-sides, and Brett described it as “the funeral section”. This was followed by the “celebration section”, made up of their greatest hits.

Suede played: ‘The Next Life’


‘Killing Of A Flashboy’


‘My Dark Star’

‘By The Sea’

‘Indian Strings (Brett acoustic)

‘The Living Dead’ (Brett acoustic)

‘Picnic By The Motorway’


‘The 2 Of Us’

‘To The Birds’

‘Still Life’

’The Drowners’

‘We Are The Pigs’

‘Metal Mickey’

‘Can’t Get Enough’

‘Animal Nitrate’

‘Everything Will Flow’

‘She’s In Fashion’


‘So Young’

‘Beautiful Ones’

‘Saturday Night’


‘New Generation’