But you won't be able to get hold of it unless you're a member of their fanclub...

SUEDE are putting together a CD of rare tracks for members of their fanclub.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the band have announced that their UK dates this month will be their last, with each member concentrating on “individual projects” from 2004.

NME.COM understands that the group are in the process of preparing a CD for their fanclub, which is set to feature approximately 12 rare and unreleased songs from the band’s career. The record will be sent out to members in the new year, although the fanclub is not accepting more new members.

The group start their farewell tour in Ireland this week, with the final show at the London Astoria on December 13.

Previously, singer Brett Anderson has explained some of the reasons the band split. He wrote: “Firstly I’d like everyone to know that this decision was based purely on creative reasons. Personally I feel that the only way to escape the artistic dead end I have found myself in is to work at least for a while outside the band. There has been speculation about record sales and chart positions but the bottom line is I need to do whatever it takes to get my demon back.

“I know that a lot of people will never be able to understand this. I’d like them to know that this is not a decision we have entered into lightly and ask them to trust that ultimately the band know what is best for Suede.

“Finally you should all know that we will remain good friends and that I can genuinely see us working together again. What we have done has been too special to just throw away.”

The band also issued a joint statement, that reads: “Suede would like to announce that from next year they will be working on their own individual projects.

“There will not be a new studio album until the band feel that the moment is artistically right to make one. This announcement does not affect the forthcoming touring commitments.

Suede would like to thank the fans for their wonderful support over the years. See you in the next life.”

Following the release of their album, the group were thought to be working on new material. It is currently unclear how many songs were actually completed, and if they will ever see the light of day.