Suede on how ‘The Blue Hour’ is ‘the end of a triptych’ – and what they’ll do next

The band also open up about learning from their mistakes on 'A New Morning'

Suede have revealed that their next album will be less ‘left-field’ than their latest effort ‘The Blue Hour‘ – as well as discussing the ‘failure’ of their much maligned ‘A New Morning’.

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The band’s acclaimed new album came in at Number 2 in the UK midweek album charts, just 1,000 copies behind Christine & The Queens’ new album ‘Chris’. A bold and cinematic sonic departure, the band say that this is ‘the final part of a triptych’ in their trio of albums since reforming in 2010.

“I always thought that we’d make three records and it would be a collection,” Frontman Brett Anderson told NME. “I like the idea of it. It feels as though each one of these records is linked to the last one. It feels like a journey further left-field to me.

“‘Bloodsports’ was, not what I’d call a ‘conservative record, but it didn’t take too many risks. I’m really proud of some of the songs on it, but it was very Suede – it was almost like the essence of Suede. On ‘Night Thoughts’ we took a few more risks and on this record it feels like we’ve taken further risks. It feels like a drift outwards.”

Anderson continued: “I feel like on the next record we’ll come back a bit. I don’t mean play it safer, just not go any further out left-field. That’s what we’ve been talking about for a while; the nature of the next record. But these three feel like a collection of albums, and the next one feels like it will be somehow separate.”

Suede, 2018

Suede, 2018

The band were also honest about learning from the ‘failure’ of their divisive and often maligned 2002 album ‘A New Morning’ – their last before their hiatus.

“I feel like you’ve got to pinpoint where you went wrong in the past,” admitted Anderson. “It’s all part of the learning process. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. People feel sort of terrified of making mistakes. Obviously it’s a mark of failure, but sometimes failure can be quite enlightening.

“I’ve looked back on where we’ve gone wrong before, and ‘New Morning’ just wasn’t a very good record. One of the reasons that we’ve come back and really grasped this opportunity since reforming is really to right those wrongs in a funny sort of way. To say, ‘We’re not that sort of band really, we’re this sort of band’.”

“It’s life. It defines you in the end.”

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Suede, 2018

Suede’s new album ‘The Blue Hour’ is out now.

The band’s upcoming UK and Ireland tour dates are below. Tickets are available here. They will be joined by The Horrors.

Friday October 12 – LONDON Eventim Apollo
Saturday October 13 – LONDON Eventim Apollo
Sunday October 14 – DUBLIN Bord Gais Energy Theatre