Suede on the ‘meaningless, post-truth’ world of 2018 and ‘terrible tragedy’ of Brexit

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Suede have discussed how the “meaningless, post-truth world” of 2018 “seeped” into their new album ‘The Blue Hour’ – as well as describing Brexit as “a tragedy for this country”. Watch our full video interview with the band above.

The band are currently at Number 2 in the charts with their adventurous new album ‘The Blue Hour‘ – as the band adopt a notably darker sound and themes, exploring fear and vulnerability in the UK’s rural communities as told through the eyes of a child. While not directly inspired by the tumultuous political and social landscape of 2018, the band did reveal that it had some kind of impact on the album’s mood and viewpoint.

“I don’t think it’s deliberate – [Brett] didn’t sit down and say ‘The world is in a terrible place, I’m going to write a record like that’,” bassist Mat Osman told NME, “but if you’re talking about children, if you’re talking about the next generation, then I think most people are afraid of the kind of meaningless world that’s around them – this kind of post-truth, post-politics world.

“It’s not something that you react to particularly logically, but it seeps into your dreams and your fears.”

Frontman Brett Anderson continued: “It’s an interesting thing, having a child. You’re plagued with fear for their future, but of course at the same time, having a child is an act of hope. You can’t have a child and think that the world is going to be a terrible, terrible place. There’s a real duality and contradiction on some ways.

“As you get older as people, it’s easier to see the murkier side of life. I’ve probably always dwelled on it a little bit, but it’s an interesting paradox.”

Suede, 2018

Suede, 2018

Quizzed on the topic of Brexit and if it had become a regular interview topic overseas in recent years, Osman replied: “You’re always asked about it, and it’s incredibly boring talking about it – everyone’s really bored of it. I’m quite passionate about not leaving Europe, but I’m still quite bored about us talking about it.”

Anderson then continued: “It’s obviously quite a tragedy for this country, that goes without saying. But what do we do now? This is something we can chat about, but it’s not musicians’ jobs to find solutions for these things.

“Politicians got us into this state in the first place, but anyone with any sense realises what a tragedy it is for this country.”

Watch our full video interview with the band discussing their legacy, evolution, thoughts on the future, and the current state of guitar music at the top of the page. 

Suede’s Brett Anderson

Suede’s new album ‘The Blue Hour’ is out now.

The band’s upcoming UK and Ireland tour dates are below. Tickets are available here. They will be joined by The Horrors.

Friday October 12 – LONDON Eventim Apollo
Saturday October 13 – LONDON Eventim Apollo
Sunday October 14 – DUBLIN Bord Gais Energy Theatre