Suede share new trailer for tell-all documentary ‘The Insatiable Ones’

Glimpse into the 'twisted world' of Suede with the band, Justine Frishmann and more

Suede have shared the dramatic new trailer for the new documentary about the band’s history, The Insatiable Ones. See it first on NME below.

The feature-length documentary “explores the highs and lows of Suede’s career”, with unprecedented access, new interviews and unseen footage from the band’s archive. Brett Anderson, Mat Osman, Simon Gilbert, Richard Oakes and Neil Codling are joined in the film by former band members Justine Frischmann and ex-Smith Mike Joyce, as well as Ricky Gervais, family, friends, Richard Osman, Peter Saville, Ed Buller and many more.

“The trailer really is just the tip of the iceberg,” director Mike Christie told NME. “The movie length doc is already surprising, shocking and exciting people perhaps just as much as Suede did when they first arrived in their inimitable style 25 years ago.


“They are definitely not a typical band – and this is far from your typical music doc…”

Christie continued: “One of many things I’ve learned in two decades of documentary making is that some stories can’t be told until they’re ready to be told. We’d debated making a film before but this time was absolutely the right time.

“This is a band who are once again at the peak of their artistic powers and only now in the right place to reflect deeply on their lives, past and work with brutal honesty. And coupled with the extraordinarily extensive video archive of drummer Simon Gilbert, we don’t just hear about the intense highs and lows – we see them…”

The documentary features as part of a ‘Suede Night’ on Sky Arts on November 24, when they’ll also be showing the band’s ‘legendary’ Royal Albert Hall 2010 comeback show for Teenage Cancer Trust. 

Anderson added: “There is no one better placed to make the definitive Suede film than Mike Christie. He’s been there with us almost from day one, pointing a damned camera in our faces.


“This isn’t a powder-puff promotional tool, it’s a film that grasps at the very essence of what the band is, charting the scruffy inglorious years of struggle, the vertiginous heights of success and the dank depths of self-destruction and hopefully emerges at the end of it all with some truths revealed and some myths destroyed”.

Last year, Brett Anderson opened up about his past relationship with Elastica’s Justine Frischmann – crediting their split for the evolution and success of Suede.

Anderson and Frischmann were a couple in the late 80’s as they formed Suede together. She would later leave him in 1991 for Blur frontman Damon Albarn, before also parting ways with the band and forming Elastica.

“One of my favourite things about Justine is the fact that she’s so interested in everyone,” said Anderson. “She’s not aloof in any way. It would be easy for her to be, given what she has and who she is. But when she’s talking to someone, she really cares about what their answer is. She’s fascinated and fascinating. I love that combination. And yes, I’m still very, very fond of her.”

Suede's Brett Anderson and Elastica's Justine Frischmann in the '90s
Suede’s Brett Anderson and Elastica’s Justine Frischmann in the ’90s

Speaking of their split and Frishmann’s departure from Suede, Anderson said: “In lots of ways, it was a brilliant thing. Without it, I might be sort of working in some planning office in Darlington. But I was very happy, living with Justine. We had a fantastic time together, and young love is amazing. But it’s not conducive to creating interesting, tormented, passionate music, you know? I needed some sort of motor to get myself off my arse and have something to write about. The time between us splitting up and her leaving the band was a really odd, sticky, strange thing. Because she was asking lots of questions about the band, and there was a kind of disunity because of that.

“She wanted Suede to be a different kind of band. And as soon as she left, it suddenly just… it’s like magnets. It wasn’t the missing piece, it was the removal of the piece. Suddenly we just linked, and all four of us, it became a little bit telepathic.”

Suede recently released their acclaimed 2018 album ‘The Blue Hour‘..