California next Sufjan Stevens ‘state’ album?

The singer drops clue in interview

Sufjan Stevens has hinted that the next state he will tackle in his series of concept albums will be California.

The singer/songwriter has long had plans to make a concept album for each of the US’s 50 states. In 2003 he released ’Michigan’ and in 2005 the ’Illinois’ album.

In an interview with Rafter – an artist on his Asthmatic Kitty label – he asked: “Being a native of the Golden State, do you want to collaborate on a record about California?”

It has previously been speculated that Stevens would also write his next opus about Oregon, Rhode Island or Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Stevens will feature on the forthcoming ’A Tribute To Joni Mitchell’ album, performing ’Free Man In Paris’. The collection is set to be released this spring.